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vacancy presentation

Our specialist Maryna explains your job and tells you about the details of the vacancy.

Vacancy details



🔸 30,18 PLN gross per hour (about 5000 PLN gross / month ≈ € 1 100)

🔸 30,18 PLN net per hour (for students under 26, we help with documents)

+ bonus up to 1500 PLN net / month

+1 PLN will be added to the hourly rate if you arrange your own accommodation



🔸 High interest in this work and willing to develop your skills in this field (work experience in production as a painter is welcome)

🔸 Ability to read paint documentation and use measuring instruments (ready to learn)

🔸 English B1

🔸 Readiness for shift work

🔸 Legal residence (visa, TRC, confirmed TRC application)



🔸 Priming and painting of composite surfaces  

🔸 Preparation of coloring mixtures

🔸 Visual control and quality of manufactured elements

🔸 Measuring the thickness of the paintwork

🔸 Operation of painting equipment

🔸 Documents preparation


🔸 8-12 hours working day

🔸 5-6 days/week

🔸 3 shifts: 06:00-14:00; 14:00-22:00; 22:00-06:00



🔸 Employer provides accommodation

🔸 2-4 persons in room

🔸 Employee pays only 450 PLN / month for utilities

🔸 Place of work within walking distance

Jelcz-Laskowice (30 km from Wrocław)
English B1
Without experience
Food allowance
Without food allowance
All season
Legal residence (visa, TRC, confirmed TRC application)

We are an employer, not an agent.

60% our workers are Filipinos.

We have a license for employment.


Work Vision is a company founded by former immigrants, not businessmen.

We know what it's like to be a stranger in country and not understand how things work here.

That's why we help and support you every step on the way.

Volodymyr Koltun

Project Manager

Valerii Shevchuk

Visa Support Executive

Artur Shybruk

CEO and Founder

Patrycja Tusińska

Legalization Specialist

Dmytro Yudchenko

Recruitment Manager

Employment stages

1. Processing a job application

1. We check your passport and other travel documents for the possibility of legal stay in Poland.

2. We make sure you have a visa and work permit.

2. Confirm the vacancy

1. We discuss the key points of the selected vacancy: schedule, salary, housing, etc.

2. We agree the date of your arrival and give you the coordinator's contacts. He/she will meet you at the station for accommodation and further support at work.

3. Preparing a work permit and related documents

1. We apply for a work permit.

2. After receiving the permit, we invite you to the office to complete the employment procedure.

3. We also help to get a Polish bank account.

4. We organize medical check-ups if they are required for work.

4. We organise preparation trainings

1. The Labor Protection Officer will instruct you on your rights and obligations in the workplace.

2. We sign an employment contract with you and other necessary documents.

3. We give you work clothes (if it is provided for by the working conditions).

5. Welcome to our team!

1. We show the facility and tell you how to get there on foot from your accommodation.

2. Here comes your first day at work.

1. Checking the possibility of relocation
deals with this stage: WORK VISION

1. First, we check your passport and residence permit in the country where you are currently living and working.

2. If you are in the Philippines, we check only your passport.

3. According to the check results, we understand whether it is possible to start the relocation process at all. This saves you money and time.

2. Prepayment for visa application
deals with this stage: LEGAL ROAD

1. Our partner company Legal Road will manage your relocation.

2. We send you an invoice. This is the 50% of the visa support fee.

3. AInvoice is a guarantee that the service is provided by a real company that pays taxes. This means that all services and processes are 100% legal.

3. Prepare a work permit (2-5 weeks)
deals with this stage: WORK VISION

1. This is an official invitation to work in our company.

2. Usually, agencies and agents prepare such an invitation for about 7 months. But as we are the final employer, everything is much faster.

4. Prepare documents for a visa (1-2 weeks)
deals with this stage: LEGAL ROAD

1. Before preparing the visa documents, we send you an electronic copy of the work permit to make sure that it is ready.

2. After that, we will send you the next invoice for payment. You have to pay the rest 50%.

3. We send you a complete set of documents.

5. Registering your visit to the Embassy
deals with this stage: LEGAL ROAD

1. Additionally, we attach a "Letter from the primary employer". This is a very crucial document that multiplies the chance of a positive visa decision.

2. We fill out a visa application form for you for online submission.

3. All the work that had gone before depended on us. The lottery for a visit to the consulate is a complete stroke of luck. You may be lucky and get your application in 2 weeks. But sometimes you have to wait for several months.

6. Obtaining a visa
deals with this stage: LEGAL ROAD

1. When you have a date for visit to the consulate, we prepare you to possible interview so that everything goes well.

2. When you get a visa, our partner Legal Road will plan your arrival.

3. If your application is denied, we will appeal at no additional cost to you.

7. Welcome to Poland!
deals with this stage: WORK VISION

1. Upon arrival in Poland, our coordinator will be in touch to help you get to your destination.

2. We settle you in your accommodation and introduce you to the team and coordinator.

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